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John and Kate Hudson with gold, silver and platinum discs
John and

Whatever the problem - we can help you find your way.

A Bit of Background

John and I are now Counsellors and Mentors working online.

But it wasn't always like that.
As a kid I grew up on a little dairy farm in Australia and we really, really had no money. My dad died when I was 6 yrs. Mum remarried and we went to live on my step dad's farm but the farm (and all the cattle) were decimated by an eleven year drought and eventually went bust. So it was hardly a fairytale start for a young person. There was no money to help me on my way.

But hey! There are no promises life is going to be easy!!

Despite that very humble start in life, having a good work ethic and being prepared to work hard in my life led me on an amazing path. I put myself out there and let life lead me. I ended up in the UK, married a wonderful, hugely talented guy, John Hudson, and together we went into business in London.

We struggled through every crisis imaginable whilst setting up and establishing the business, but through my husbands amazing talent and an awful lot of hard work we grew to become world renown Mayfair Recording Studios. The business thrived at the top of world music industry for 35 years. One could not ask for more from life.

If I could do it, believe me anyone can find their special path, and live their life to it's full potential.

Over the years we've both learned some pretty important lessons. Life's not always great. Sometimes it sucks, but it's up to ourselves to make it happen for US. No one's going to help, so it's no good expecting it, but you - YOU - can make wonderful things happen in your life. We didn't have a goal, we just did every job we were asked to do to the best of our ability. The Universe responded to that and provided the path. We followed. Let's find your path in life.