Slave huts in Bonaire(Tourism Bonaire)

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Bonaire in the Caribbean off the Venezuelan coast is an unusual island, quite different to the Caribbean islands known mainly for their beaches, this island has an appeal all it's own. The many years of Dutch rule have left their mark with fortresses, Dutch Colonial buildings and slave huts remaining from the days when slaves worked the salt pans.

salt mountains Bonaire
Tourism Bonaire

Salt mountains

Blazing white mountains of pure salt glisten and sparkle in the sun, the remnants of slave huts at their base, evocative of desperate lives in a slave trade past.

Salt pans with their dusky pink water make for a strange landscape.(Tourism Bonaire n.d.)

crystal clear waters
(Tourism Bonaire)

Crystal clear aqua water

Bonaire is a fantastic dive site, and the crystal clear aqua waters give you glimpses of the wonders below the surface. (Tourism Bonaire n.d.)
Color, color, color everywhere. The colors of the island are truly unforgettable with yellow and white houses and the colourful cafe's of the main street of Kralendijk add the finishing touch.


Travel Tips

beautiful cflamingos in green fringed ponds
(Tourism Bonaire)

Great flocks of vivid pink flamingos walk elegantly through green fringed ponds and are incredibly beautiful. (Tourism Bonaire n.d.) Make sure that you go on a tour to see this wonderful sight, where sometimes thousands and thousands of these beautiful creatures stand in the lagoon.

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