Whatever your problem there is a way forward

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We will find it

Why Counselling

Talking through your problems online in complete confidence with a trained Counsellor can help you find the solution to a problem without even leaving your home. No appointments to make, and no busy waiting rooms. This is a site for people of all ages, all genders who want to thrive instead of just survive. I am Kate Hudson now a mature mumma/nonna who's life took an incredible path. I would love to share and explore with you ideas on how you too can find your special path in life. Then you too can thrive.

For a free half hour live chat - click on the Lets Talk Chat icon on the right of this page. Or if you prefer to send an email: Send a secure email

What exactly is Counselling

Counselling focuses on your concerns and difficulties, and includes understanding people's pattern of thoughts, behaviours, feelings and any way in which these may be problematic in your life. Studying Counselling involves learning how to assist people to develop understanding about themselves, and to make changes in their lives.

It is never too late to reset your thinking, to eat good food, and gain good health. This gives you the energy you need to thrive. You need brain space to achieve your goals and reach your full potential, no matter what age you are. For this you don't need money, you just need good thinking.


After your initial free half hour consultation our charges for Counselling and Mentoring are $20.00 per 15 minutes, or $40 per half hour session. We give a discount for booking and paying in advance. Payment can be by Paypal or credit card.
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Or you can "Ask Tilly"

Tilly Tehani ask the dog

For a slightly more lighthearted approach ....... Pavlov's dog featured very strongly in the early theories of counselling and psychology. Our dog Tilly Tehani featured pretty strongly in our life too and sometimes, you know, I think she knew the answers before we did. So when all else fails ask the dog.

If you would rather talk to Tilly Tehani than the counsellors we have given her a chat line too. You can direct your questions to Tilly. Send Tilly an email: Ask the Dog

YOU too can make wonderful things happen in your life

You'll need a number of things to take on this wonderful journey:
1. Willingness to have a go
2. Your Health - (see below)
3. Learn to be a bit gutsy
4. Oh, and don't be frightened to change your life.
Let's explore what's possible. Slowly one step at a time. I will be here to help you find that path.


Hmmmm. You might not start out gutsy. I didn't, I was actually very shy when I was young. It was a slow process over quite a long time, so don't try to rush it. Just one step at a time. Each new thing (especially bad things) that happened to me made me wiser, stronger and braver, and it is bravery you need more than anything to get through life. It took quite a bit of work to get there, but slowly and surely I grew stronger and stronger as life honed me. Tough times will pass and a new you will emerge.

Get Health through food - see Food in the main menu above.

Browse the site - there is lots of information you can access for free. If you want to talk to a Counsellor or Mentor you can remain anonymous if you wish, or you can talk to us on email or our secure chat line. But let me mention that this is a serious Counselling and Mentoring site and NOT a sex chatline.
We are starting out small and we want to keep it personal.