Hello, need someone to talk to?

feeling despair

Just remember "The PROBLEM is the problem,
............... you are not the problem"

Feeling Lonely? Isolated? Depressed? Just don't know what to do......

I'm glad you found me here. Maybe I can help.
I know life's tough at times, can get you down, rather like in this beautiful painting (above) by Tracy Smith. It really helps to talk to someone about your problems, to put them into perspective. I can help you with just chatting about everyday normal stuff or Counselling, Mentoring, and also some Food advice. So many problems are caused by what we eat. My site is for all age groups and all genders.

In live chat we communicate in real time by text. The first half hour is free and no problem is too big or too small. The yellow "Let's Talk" Chat icon appears on the right of this page when I am online, so just click on it when you are ready to start a confidential chat. It's as easy as that. People tell me that there is something wonderful in writing down their problems and sending them to me on Live Chat. It helps them isolate the problem, like sending it off. Try it.

If you want to be anonymous that's ok. The Lets Talk live chat is hosted by tawk.to and operates on an encrypted system. Just click "Lets Talk" to start to chat with me. If I am not online you can email me at any time. Send a secure email.

kate hudson photo

People call me Aunty Kate, Kate, and sometimes Skate.

I have been helping people with their problems for over 35 years. I am a trained Counsellor with a Diploma in Counselling, and to underpin and build on my life experience of being in business I am currently studying Psychological Sciences at Swinburne University online. I did have a counsellor type photo up here but it looked so boring, so here I am about 8 years ago with the first sushi I ever made. Sometimes it just all goes wrong, doesn't it!

What can talking do?

There are times you just can't talk to your friends or family or anyone you know about things, and that's why I have set up this site. It is a place for you to have someone to talk to confidentially outside your everyday life. It all part of Narrative Therapy, a relatively new type of therapy. It allows you to separate yourself from the problem, externalise it and look at it objectively. It helps you to free yourself from it's hold, and is a great way to get to the core of a problem. Different from the traditional way of counselling, it (sometimes combined with multidimensional therapy) can be light-hearted and very liberating for you, and amazingly effective. My 'whole of life approach' addresses many of the issues that are troubling my clients today. I've also included some travel tips to inspire you to dream.

I can help you explore your problem, whatever it might be, and through a better understanding of it, help you find YOUR true space and make real progress on your life path.

Everything you say in Live Chat is confidential. An email copy of our live chat is sent to me at the end of our session through the tawk.to encrypted system so you can be confident that it is truly secure, and that we have a totally accurate record of our conversation. This is invaluable for me to be able to revisit our session at later times.

Your records will be kept safely in a secure environment. They are your records and you can request a copy at any time.


Your introductory first half hour chat is free - either live chat or email.

Charges (following your free introductory chat or email) are:
$80 per hour, but you can book in half hourly segments if you wish.
Everything you say is confidential and your records will be stored in a secure coded environment.

Why have talking, counselling, food and travel in this one site?


Well, it's all connected. Food affects how we feel and look, and travelling is a just a great way to leave your troubles behind for a while, to relax, to think and find your true self. I have added food to my site because more and more evidence is available about how the wrong food and lack of vitamins/minerals can affect moods, and can cause serious depression and other health issues. It is important to take a whole of life approach. As a lifetime sufferer from food allergies I know. No I'm not vegetarian or paleo or anything like that. I just like good healthy food without additives.

There's lots of free information on the site so feel free to explore. Think of this as a whole of life site. As well as counselling, if you wish I can look at food you eat and how it effects your moods, health and energy and your environment or maybe you want to discuss plans for your future. If I can't help you with your problem I can refer you to someone who can help.

We are becoming really isolated within our communities so this is a great new way to connect - a new community for all ages. Try it.

You need to enjoy your precious life so join me here either for a live chat or Send a secure email.

I hope you have found my site to be of help. Would love it if you could add your comments to the discussion.