Indian Ocean

" gather the idea that Mauritius was made first,
              and then heaven, 
                        and that heaven was copied after Mauritius" 
                                             (Mark Twain 1896)

Surreal Landscape

Driving across the centre of the island through the canefields of Mauritius one is captivated by the landscape that surrounds you. Vivid and surreal colours competing for your attention make it almost impossible to drive. You just must stop and look around. You are in a valley which once was the epicentre of an erupting volcano and now jagged purple and indigo mountains, remnants of that time, completely surround you.

fishing boats and beach

Surreal colors

Canefields of the brightest green stretch ahead, intense blue sky competes with the beautiful colours of womens saris in the tea plantation, and stark white cattle graze emerald green pastures. It is an amazing sight that tends to overwhelm your senses.

White Sand Beaches

As well as the astounding beauty in the interior this beautiful little island abounds in pristine white sand beaches as well. (Infinity Holidays) It really has something for everyone.


Travel Tips

mauritius spices
(Richards 2006)

Mauritius has an interesting mix of people of African and Indian descent and their creole dress and culinary skills reflect this.

Stop at a roadside shack or stall and sample their wonderful curried prawns or fish dishes, or an amazing Thali set meal (photo left).

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