Where to from here?

John and Kate Hudson with gold, silver and platinum discs

Unsure of what to do? You need a mentor?

Having a mentor is wonderful, someone to sound out your ideas with, someone who's been there and done it and knows the pitfalls. Help and advice available personally from true gurus of the music industry with 35 years experience of running a business. Have your own personal workshop with John or Kate Hudson. We don't just specialise in music and business we specialise in life.

John once said "it's like we've been to the moon and back" and that's so true. We have experienced exhilarating success, and the devasting lows that go with loss. Kates Book

Experience counts

We've met just about every situation in our life, we've been through everything, so let our real life experience and knowledge be your inspiration. We've dealt with banks, and accountants and lawyers for a lifetime, and Kate's even written a book about it.

John is world famous for recording many hit records and for creating, building and running the technical side of renown Mayfair Recording Studios in London, and co-creator Kate for her role as Finance Director, and nonna/agony aunty to the stars who recorded at Mayfair for the 35 years the studios thrived. To underpin this whole of life experience Kate also has a Diploma in Counselling.

Despite everything we survived and continued to thrive and so can you. We can help you avoid so many of the pitfalls in life - there is nothing like knowing.


Don't be shy - ask for help. First half hour consultation free.
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Our charges $80.00 hr for Counselling and Mentoring, but you can book $40 per session of half hour if you wish. There is a discount for booking multiple and paying in advance. You can talk to us first on Live chat.

Payment can be by Paypal or credit card.
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We are starting out small on this site, and want to keep this personal - very much one to one. If you want to join in the discussion add your voice to the forum on our home page.