Mumbai, India

milk cows in mumbai streetFresh milk delivery
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Fresh milk Delivery

Taking fresh milk delivery to another level! What better way to beat the heat, save on refrigeration and ensure fresh milk delivered to the door than to take the cow to the customer. Sharing the road with the thousands of busy little black taxi's and massive crowds of people these cows have a real sense of purpose.

Mumbai, known under British Rule as Bombay, is a thriving chaotic city bursting with energy and people. It's a place where even the poorest people have a dignity which is inspiring. The home of Bollywood films, Mumbai is a city that is so diverse in it's culture it is hard to believe everything exists side by side, with cars whizzing by, millions of people, buses and cows (yes cows) all vying for space on it's streets.

dhobi ghat laundry
Dhobi Ghat laundry
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Every Day Wash Day at Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat Mumbai's laundry is a must for every traveler. It is a massive public outdoor laundry, the largest in the world, where over 5000 laundrymen and women and sometimes children wash a monumental amount of clothes in huge concrete tubs. Mountains of carefully color coded clothes are a sight to be seen, but the beating and scrubbing is done by hand in 100 degree heat by generation after generation of Dhobis, a Hindu caste, born into the job of doing the laundry. (NPR)

wallas tiffin delivery
Wallas tiffin delivery
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Tiffin Dabbawallas

All over Mumbai at lunchtime can be seen the dabbawallas delivering tiffin lunch tins to tens of thousands of people. Each person has a special tiffin tin which is collected by the dabbawallas from the persons' residence and delivered to their office. Renown for timely arrival you see them everywhere, catching trains, buses, carrying the tins on bicycles and trolleys all furiously determined to get their tiffin tins delivered on time. (Mumbai Dabbawalla)


Travel Tips

taj mahal hotel
(Taj Mahal Palace)

There are endless sights to see in Mumbai, the Railway Station, Chowpatty Beach, Ghandi's residence, but if you want to see the other side of Mumbai go for dinner at the beautiful Oberoi Hotel, or take afternoon tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (left) and see the glorious saris of beautiful Indian high society women accompanied by suave and elegantly dressed men meeting friends and relatives.

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