Reunion (Ile de la Reunion)

South Indian Ocean

botanical gardens ReunionExotic botanical gardens
(Reunion Island)

Unknown to many

The French Department of Reunion is a tiny 30 mile wide island that is unknown to many international travelers mainly because of accessibility. Beautiful Exotica Park botanical gardens are home to some truly unusual trees, orchids and palms where a heady and exotic mix of perfumes will simply overwhelm your senses. It is a wonderful place to spend the day. (Reunion Island n.d.)

mountains of Reunion
The spectacular mountains of Reunion
(Reunion Island)


A mere speck in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean it is an island of contrasts, of volcanos and beaches, mountains and forests.(Bradt) A perfect place to chill out.

The island is dwarfed by it's nearest neighbour Madagascar 500 miles to the west (Reunion Island n.d.)

Reunion museum
Museum Reunion
(Reunion Island)

Cacti and Curry, Palms and Orchids

The botanical gardens and museum in the capital St Denis is worth an entire day as here you will see a fantastic collection of exotic trees, shrubs, orchids and cacti.


Travel Tips

Reunion spices Massale
Reunion Spices Massale

Fabulous spices abound, and it is a must that you stop in little markets or cafes for a Cari, the local word for curry. Take home a spice mix of Massale (pronounced Mars-sel-ay) the true spice mix of Reunion. Chicken Massale is wonderful with a hint of curry and the tangy taste of tamarind. Enjoy it whilst you are there as it is very difficult to come back to Reunion for seconds.

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