Roseau, Dominica

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Untouched and Beautiful

If you are looking for a holiday that doesn't involve sunbathing on the beach 24/7 the lovely little untouched Caribbean island of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) is really interesting. It's little historic town of Roseau is completely unspoilt and gloriously haphazard there are tumbledown general stores that sell everything from bait to delicious creole snacks and all your grocery supplies. (Hudson 2011)

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Natural Attractions

The island is a paradise for the outdoor adventurer interested in unspoilt natural attractions. (Dominica n.d.)

Dominican waterfall

365 Rivers

It is a very laid back island and if you want to just lie in a cool stream Dominica has 365 rivers, wallow in the Emerald Pool or frolic at the Trafalgar, Victoria, Sari Sari or Middleham Falls. (Dominica n.d.) that's ok too. (Dominica n.d.).

The interior also presents you with some extraordinary hikes up spectacular mountains.


Travel Tips

local shops
(Carols' Cruise Itinerary)

Take some time to wander through the little general stores. They might look a bit disconcerting at first glimpse into their dark interiors but they are amazing Alladin's caves and have all sorts of wonderful, inexpensive and useful items which you can buy as souvenirs! You never quite know what you will find.

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