The Seychelles

Lying on Beach(Infinity Holidays)

Soft and beautiful

If you want to lie on the beach this is the place to do it. Soft and beautiful is the memory you will retain forever of this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. The softness of the people, the pearly white sand, the colours all muted and sleepy will live with you for all time.

unique Seychelles rocks
(Infinity Holidays)

Warm water

With ocean water the temperature of a warm bath, and absolutely breathtaking scenery this island is truly paradise. (Infinity). You may even feel the gentle nibbling of little fish at your fingers whilst swimming which is the most extraordinary experience.

Seychelles lagoon
(Infinity Holidays)

Special day Sunday

A high percentage of the people on this little island nation speak English and are incredibly friendly and helpful. Sunday is a day when the island people put on their finest, go to church, visit the family. Pretty little girls, hair in corn rolls and bright coloured ribbons, are dressed to perfection and the little boys in ill fitting suits are on absolute best behavior. Wonderful.


Travel Tips

Seychelles church

On the main island of Mahe catch a bus in the capital Victoria and go on a trip over the steep hill to the other side of the island maybe to one of the hotel beaches.
No problem finding where to get off, everyone on the bus will tell you. You feel like you are one of the families visiting your mama and don't be at all surprised to find yourself in deep conversation with your neighbour on the bus. Ask where is a good place to eat and the whole bus will tell you of their favourite eating shack.

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