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Petra Rose coloured city of the Nabateans
Petra - rose coloured city of the Nabateans in Jordan

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Life is incredible - you never know what is going to happen next and you need to be accepting of opportunities and inspirations when they are presented. One of the real moments of inspiration in my life was when somebody said to me "How can you say that Australia is wonderful unless you get out, travel and look at the world. Then you can say it's great because you will know".

That guy inspired me to get off my backside and have a go. I didn't have any money, but I worked two jobs a day, and at one time I even had three jobs a day. I was so busy working I didn't have time to go out or spend any money!! After a year I had saved up enough to get on my first ship and go. An amazing and wonderful experience which led me to another life in London.

And you know what.... the world is an incredible place, and yes I did come home eventually - 35 years later, and I still think Australia's a wonderful place. But, believe me no matter which country you come from there's amazing sights, beautiful people, fantastic places out there in the world and you should definitely see some if you can.

drinks on the beach Zihuanetanjo

As you can see by our photo above my wonderful husband and I have enjoyed our life. We love to travel. Ours was a 24/7 business for 35 years, so it was important that we took time out and, for us, to travel by ship was perfect relaxation. We always took time to recharge our batteries and re-energise ourselves. Over the years we sailed three complete World Cruises on Board the QE2 circumnavigating the world, a distance of approx 139,000 sea miles each trip! Oh how we loved that old ship and the people we met on her. Now before you think oh allright for you.....this was after 35 years of running a 24/7 business.

We really love to travel

While learning about the world and people who inhabit this planet, we learn about ourselves and our true space. It doesn't matter where you travel - it can be to Uluru, a few days at the beach, some other wonderful location maybe the Whitsundays or some exotic far off place. It just doesn't matter. Most of us can get somewhere, somehow - on a greyhound bus, or a train, a ship or a plane.

QE2 in the harbour

Every year the QE2 World Cruise took four months visiting some of the worlds most fantastic places and remote islands. Ship is a great way to travel, it's great value, fantastic food, no airport hassle, and wonderfully relaxing stopping at many places along the way. We have had countless short haul trips to wonderful places all over Europe and the USA, many skiing holidays in Austria and Switzerland, and even a farm bus tour covering Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois in the US. At present we are travelling around Australia with our Jeep Cherokee and our trusty Windsor Windcheater caravan practically penniless and loving every minute of it. There's many ways to travel and they are all good.

I have put together a small selection of some of the gorgeous, unusual places we have visited, and I hope that when you look at them you too will be inspired to get out there and find some places of your very own. All in the drop down menu in Travel on the main menu above.

Where to find us

You'll find us these days on the corner of a campsite somewhere in Australia between the Sunshine Coast and Darwin.

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