Zihuatanejo, Mexico

fishermans walk ZihuatanejoFishermans Walk (Hudson)

Fishing Village

Zihuatanejo may be a strange choice for a visit to Mexico but it is a wonderful Mexican fishing village that still is faithful to it's past with a small fish market right on the white sand beach where the boats come in. Below Fishermans Walk silver tarpaulins are laid on tables or on the sand, and each fisherman proudly lays out his catch of the morning for you to choose from at your leisure.

multi coloured hammocks in the market
Multi coloured hammocks in the market

Unique Market

A little further along the beach the market on the sand sells hammocks instead of fish, shaded from the blistering sun by colourful cloths and hammocks. Lovely pieces of jewelry from the silver mines in the mountains at Taxco are very inexpensive.

Zihuatanejo beach
Zihuatanejo beach

Bars on the Sand

Past the market are the bars built right on the sand where you can sip a Marguerita made with local Tequila, eat beautiful Mexican food and be serenaded by a Mariachi trio. (Roop n.d.) It is hard to pass by. The day is hot, the Margueritas are cool and refreshing - it seems just the thing to do.


Travel Tips

mariachi musicians

Lovely adobe buildings with wrought iron balconies in pretty squares await, and the cathedral with it's Spanish Colonial structure must be seen, but sometimes it's a good idea to just order another Margarita, listen to the mariachi trio serenade, and let the world go by.
As they say, take time to smell the roses or in this case taste the Margaritas and after one or two the world will seem a truly wonderful place.

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